Takoba C-1


Takoba C-2


The Takoba's unique, uncompromising design combines gorgeous looks, stunning tones and superior playability. Selection of only the highest quality tonewoods and active EMG circuitry produces a well defined sound. The Takoba C-1 fixed bridge model boasts Steinberger gearless tuners, a Schaller bridge and chrome hardware. The C-2 model incorporates the same features as the C-1 but is fitted with a Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo bridge and locking nut.

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  Takoba C-1 Specifications

  Takoba C-2 Specifications

The Takoba C-1 and C-2 can be ordered in a range of metallic colors:


Cobalt Blue  


  Black   Brass   Emerald Green   Purple

The Takoba C-1 and C-2 are available direct from Thomas Corbishley Guitars. For ordering information, please call or submit a request here.